SuperCharge for the Winning Edge by Jack Medina, M.A. and Roy Vartabedian, Dr.P.H. is a compilation of 29 articles of importance on nutrition and fitness for athletes, coaches, those with an active lifestyle, and those beginning a new exercise or fat loss program.

The following topics are covered:

--Finding Professional Ethics and Personal Integrity in the Supplement Industry
--What You Don't Know About Supplements Could Hurt You
--In the Pill or in the Mind?
--Supplements, Hype, Claims, and Facts
--Banned Substances Found in Creatine--I Told You So!
--The Final Answer on Protein Supplements
--Liquid Micronutrient Performance Enhancement
--The Scoop on Energy Drinks
--Herbs and Athletic Performance
--Hoodia: Does It Work?
--Skip the Antlers and Save a Buck!
--Glucosamine: Does It Work?
--Soccer: Creatine, Carbohydrates, and Fluids
--Can an Athlete Drink Too Much Water?
--Recharging Your Batteries
--Fueling the Body for Peak Performance and Optimal Health
--Fast Facts on Nutrients and Metabolism
--What You Should Know About Fats
--What Is Oxidative Stress, and Why Should I Care?
--What Value is the Glycemic Index?
--Five Dietary Red Flags to Avoid
--Five Ways to Stop "Mindless Eating"
--Are You Eating Enough Carbohydrates?
--Kids' Carbohydrate Needs
--Nutripoints for Kids
--Training Children for Maximum Strength and Power

128 pages, 6" x 9" paperback
Copyright Oct/2008

SuperCharge for the Winning Edge provides critical information for anyone involved in exercise or weight/fat loss programs on how to start, be effective in getting results, and evaluate supplements you may be considering taking. A great gift to help others along their path to better health and fitness. Order your copy today!