Research shows that we have 1000 times more stress today than our great-grandparents did! The pace of society is increasing tremendously. At the same time, our traditional social support systems are failing.

Stress affects our health behavior in relation to diet and other health habits, and ultimately our risk for many of the lifestyle diseases people are dying of today.

To help you sort through all of this, and develop your own plan for managing stress in your life, Dr. Roy Vartabedian and Debi Silber discuss the details of a 3-step system to (1) decrease the number of stressors in your life, (2) change your attitude about things you can't change in your life, and (3) use coping mechanisms to strengthen your body so it can withstand the inevitable stress you face daily.

Debi gives her best stress reduction tips from working with clients as a nutritionist, fitness trainer, and Whole Health Coach from the home setting--all the way to corporate boardrooms across the country.

With "How to Ride Your Own Personal Stress Wave and Thrive!," like a surfer, riding the face of a wave, your goal is to ride the wave of stress in your life rather than fighting with it and being harmed by its power. Here are some key concepts discussed:

-Prioritizing, not sweating the small stuff
-Spreading out life changes
-Learning to say "No"
-Limiting your availability
-Ways to change your attitude
-Changing your environment
-Basing fears on objective reality
-Identifying your sphere of control
-How exercise effects the stress response
-The importance of nutrition in stress control
-Expressing your feelings
-Using progressive muscle relaxation, massage, saunas, whirlpools, heat, sunlight, and biofeedback techniques.
-Getting into the "C" Zone and riding your stress wave

We can all use some help in this area! Stress affects so many aspects of our life, but certainly the most important is our "well-being." Please take advantage of this new book and CD created to help you ride your own personal stress wave...and feel amazing again!

Book and CD Pack $15.95
88 page book and 45-minute CD
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