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"In The Power of Nutrition with Enzymes, Dr. Santillo explains everything from the functions of enzymes to their myriad benefits for optimal health and longevity. This is the most accurate, comprehensive guide available for the layperson and an excellent, practical guide for professionals. Dr. Santillo has scoured the literature to bring you the important, useful information: how to preserve your body's natural enzyme stores, how to get enzymes from the right foods, and how you'll benefit from adding them to your diet."

Dr. Roy E Vartabedian, author of New York Times Best Seller: Nutripoints--Healthy Eating Made Simple.

2. YOUR BODY SPEAKS--YOUR BODY HEALS: A New Dimension in Nutritional Healing

"I can say without a doubt, Your Body Speaks--Your Body Heals is your best resource to learn about smart nutritional supplementation. It's the best source I have seen yet to explain how and why Juice Plus+ works. What better way to learn about supplementing your diet than from the creator of the world's best-selling and most-researched encapsulated supplement in the world?"

Dr. Roy E Vartabedian, author of New York Times Best Seller: Nutripoints--Healthy Eating Made Simple.

3. PROMETABOLICS: Your Personal Guide to Transformational Health and Healing

"I am thrilled with Dr. Smokey Santillo's new book, ProMetabolics! This book makes perfect sense to me because Smokey puts the healing process together in words I can totally understand and relate to and affirms what I am learning. With this knowledge I know and understand how the body can truly heal itself!"

Susan Wittenbach, NMD
Grand Rapids, MI

Natural Healing w/Herbs Book
I Highly Recommend This Book
"I have managed a book store and currently work in one of the largest public libraries in the south. I have seen many books on using herbs for health and medical reasons. This is by far one of the best. For the last ten years I have recommended this book both personally and professionally."

Reviewer: a reader from Tennessee, USA

Great Herb Source
"I am buying this book again because my last copy is so worn. I have found this book to be extremely helpful to me. I am not necessarily well versed although I have done my own personal studying on this subject matter. It has helped me enormously in the information as well as the format. I do not find it cumbersome at all."

Reviewer: JK from San Francisco, CA

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