ProMetabolics is Dr. Smokey Santillo's breakthrough system for transformational health and healing. ProMetabolics helps you understand, monitor, and optimize your body's metabolic processes for peak health and longevity.

--Understand the Causes and Processes of Disease
--Learn How to Self-Monitor Body Processes to Balance Your Internal Terrain
--Use Techniques to Detoxify, Cleanse, and Lose Weight
--Follow a System to Achieve Hormonal Balancing for Athlete and Layperson
--Apply In-Depth Nutritional Strategies for Disease Prevention and Health Enhancement

Paperback, 7.5" x 9", 336 pages.

Copyright, August, 2008.

What People Are Saying About ProMetabolics

"I am thrilled with Dr. Smokey Santillo's new book, ProMetabolics! This book makes perfect sense to me because Smokey puts the healing process together in words I can totally understand and relate to and affirms what I am learning. With this knowledge I know and understand how the body can truly heal itself!"
Susan Wittenbach, NMD
Grand Rapids, MI

"Dr. Santillo's new book ProMetabolics is absolutely a must read not only for practicioners but more importantly for patients seeking a better understanding of how to prevent and treat disease naturally. It is my opinion that ProMetabolics will be the new Power to the Patient."
Yedda Stancil, President and Founder
Center of Integrative Medicine
Richmond, VA

"I think this is the best book I have ever read on health and healing. Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with 2 chronic conditions and was almost disabled. I have been taking Juice Plus+ for 8 years and have credited God and JP+ for giving me my life back. The information in this book will help continue my path to complete healing and I share it with everyone I know. Thank you."
Sadie M McElroy
Gainesville, GA

"As an Osteopath, I have been in the health care business for over 30 years now; this book is an inspirational contribution to health education and changing people's minds regarding their health and prevention."
Dr. Hans Meirhofer

"I would say, reading this book was a significant moment for me. I would love for the book to be available as a CD. This is amazing..everyone needs to know this information. This book needs to be on Oprah's Book of the Month Club. Dr. Santillo wrote this book for everyone to understand the BIG PICTURE. Thank you Smokey!"
Jennifer Clatterbuck
Fairfax, VA