With the FOCUSED Book Pack by Lisa Mitzel, you get BOTH Focused books:

1. "Focused and On Fire: The Athlete's Guide to Mental Training & Kicking Butt"

"Focused and On Fire" is a fresh, smart, and moving book. Coach Lisa Mitzel takes readers into real athlete stories, the highs and lows, and pinpoints difficulties and how to change them from the inside, step by step. Confronting battles is part of the journey in reaching goals.

While training and competing, Lisa experienced injuries, surgeries, psychological fears, and needed intense training with sport psychologists. She fought her fears and overcame all of it to win championships. As a coach and mental training expert, her stories and curriculum teach methods to manage doubt, distraction, fear, pressure, and how to manifest success.

Included in the book are core mental skills (breathing, relaxing, positive self-talk, visualization, recall, and concentration) critical mindsets (like volition, expectancy, present-moment awareness, acceptance, letting go, and resilience), simple exercises, true inspiring stories of athlete-clients and teams who overcame challenges, and fun illustrations that enhance Lisa's powerful messages. Readers will learn self-awareness, higher-mind thinking, and the practice of believing that anythings possible.

Copyright September 14, 2018
172 pages, Paperback

2. "Focused and Inspired: Keeping Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs World"

"Focused and Inspired" is a shining light in the urgent need to change our sports culture. Athletes are tough, yet they feel nervous, frustrated, and confused. When a coach blames or shames, that negativity sticks in their minds, and frequent feelings of vulnerability increase abuse in sports. To thrive and be healthy, athletes need to feel intelligent, valued, and safe! Mental training coach, Lisa Mitzel, steps forward with crucial skills in emotional intelligence and forming a power-balance. For every coach, parent, and leader in athletics, heighten your awareness, make meaningful connections, and awaken a new sports era that is wise, successful, and safe!

--Inspire athletes by addressing essential psychological & emotional needs
--Identify verbal and emotional abuse in sports
--Educate staff to think deeply and apply critical values
--Lead with calm, clear communication and transparency
--Increase effective coaching with a positive "Partnership" model
--Promote confidence and safety through a "power-balance"

Copyright September 16, 2018
150 pages, Paperback