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In "Dreams, Fairy Tales and Miracles," (Things I Learned About Success from Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw Daigle that You Won't Learn at Harvard or Yale) Kerry Daigle shares amazing stories of his grandparents and their words of wisdom that ultimately groomed him for phenomenal achievement as a boxing promoter and businessman. Whether you are looking for success in sports, business, or your personal life, this book will teach you in a simple and inspirational manner, how to maximize your potential and reach your dreams!

--Find a Mentor
--Maw-Maw's Gifts
--Listen...and Open Up Your World
--Gratitude and Joi de Vivre (Joy of Living)
--Let Friends Happen
--The First Teachers
--Stinking Thinking
--Get Up and Get Out of Bed
--Attitude is the Key to Your Success
--Get Motivated: Dream big!
--Embrace Success
--Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Copyright October, 2012
Paperback, 128 pages, 4" x 6.75"

Kerry Daigle, a proud Cajun from Opelousas, Louisiana, paints the portrait of the ultimate Renaissance man. A successful entrepreneur since 1965, Kerry runs a number of thriving businesses which take him literally around the world, from Australia to the United Kingdom and throughout the United States and Canada. He is a powerful speaker, sharing insightful presentations with worldwide audiences, full of revealing Cajun wisdom that he learned from his first mentors, his grandparents, Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw Daigle.

"The only way to find happiness is to look within your heart and start dreaming; the only way to experience fairy tales is through the imagination and power of the mind and heart; the only place to begin a search for miracles is within your soul; because dreams, fairy tales, and miracles are treasures that grow from the inside of your soul and within your heart. Always believe in your dreams...become a kid once again and believe in fairy tales, and miracles will happen."