(Picture illustrates front and back of each chart. Click on picture for larger view.)

To help kids learn to make better food choices we've made the new Nutripoints Placemat/Wallchart for Kids which features NutriHeroes(TM)--the top 15 Nutripoint-rated foods in each food group--and NutriZeroes(TM)--the bottom-rated foods in each food group. Food characters of some of the "Heroes" and "Zeroes" are illustrated on each side, along with colorful listings of the foods and their Nutripoint scores. The chart measures 12" x 18", is laminated, and in full-color on both sides.

A new feature--NutriGrades(R) for Kids--for each food are also listed next to the Nutripoint score. The NutriGrade is a letter grade--like a grade for a test or a class--for each food. So most of the foods on the NutriHeroes side receive an A or A+, while those on the back NutriZeroes side receive a C, D, or F. It's a great way to educate and motivate kids to see the relative nutritional value of foods and make better choices to get more Nutripoints and a higher NutriGrade for their diet!

We recommend using the Nutripoints Chart for Kids along with your Nutripoints book, so the children understand the relative values of the Nutripoint scores and the number of points they need each day (we recommend at least 100 total, and meeting the minimum goals for each group).

The charts are great for use in your family with kids and grandkids, in schools, medical practices, health and wellness programs, and fitness programs.