A Direct Marketing, or home-based, business can be done virtually anywhere because of the technologically advanced world in which we live. It cuts out the middlemen of traditional distribution methods, saving time, money, and energy for the customer, the distributor, and the company. More importantly it can be done by anyone at any age. Yet most of the business owners currently involved are Generation X-ers and Baby Boomers.

This is Generation Y's opportunity to take over the industry, after all aren't we the best networkers and information seekers because we grew up with technology? But if we wait until we are as old as our parents and grandparents to start, we will make the same mistakes as previous generations and miss the boat of the Direct Marketing revolution.

The future rests in our hands, and this book will help you take control of your financial future at an earlier age, so don't put it down!

Find out:

--Why this industry is the best thing since sliced bread
--How you can get started as a Gen Y-er
--How to choose the right company
--What to say to each of the other generations vs. your own
--How to handle rejection
--How to set goals that will get you to where you want to be

Paperback 6" x 9" 152 pages
Copyright, July, 2010
Price: $13.95