Want to eat healthier?
Feel confused about nutrition?
Do you struggle reading food labels?
Now one number tells you everything
you need to know about a food.

The Nutripoints™ Program for Optimal Nutrition is the ultimate guide to simple, healthy eating. No more counting calories, protein, carbs, fats, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, vitamins, minerals…all that work has been done for you, and put into one number—the Nutripoint score. The higher the score, the higher its nutritional value. Based on nutrient density, and created by Dr. Roy E. Vartabedian while at the world famous Cooper Clinic in Dallas, no other plan is easier or healthier.

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Nutripoints has been used in 13 countries worldwide for over 20 years, and featured on NBC, The Today Show, Live with Regis, Everyday with Joan Lunden, and in The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, Ladies Home Journal, Elle Magazine, Newsday, Los Angeles Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and many others. Here’s a sample of what Nutripoints can do for you:

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Count 100 Nutripoints
per day from 6 food groups and your diet will contain fewer calories, and meet or exceed requirements of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowances, American Heart Association, and American Cancer Society. (See News article for details).

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It is the only system I know where you can actually compare how foods stack up against each other nutritionally while at the same time losing weight and eating better. Nutripoints is unique in that it can work well with almost any other diet program while also being able to stand alone as a complete nutritional dietary approach. Using Nutripoints as my guide, I safely and effectively shed 80 pounds, while maintaining optimal nutrition. Thanks to the positive and healthy approach of Nutripoints, I am once again the same weight and size that I was in college - 20 years later! S. Anderson., New Jersey

"My family and I started using Nutripoints 2 years ago and were so excited when the new Nutripoints book came out. The point system makes choosing healthy foods so easy - even my kids are counting their points. We strive to get over 100 points daily, which makes turning down a big dessert at the end of the day easier! We don't like having to subtract points. We were big dessert eaters, but have traded in cake and ice cream for a bowl of strawberries with lemon yogurt. High cholesterol is a problem in my family, but recently I had a great check up. My good cholesterol is high and bad cholesterol very low. My doctor also reported that my blood work results were very positive. Thank you, Dr.Vartabedian, for such a great tool to help us stay healthy! Jill Honer, Corpus Christi, Texas

"I am hooked on the Nutripoints Program! Thank you for your inspiration to start a healthful, safe, and permanent eating plan." R.R., North York, Ontario

"It is fascinating, positive, and addictive. So several of us are about to get compulsive about counting Nutripoints! Thank you." E.M.D., Dallas, Texas

"I’ve been on your Nutripoints Program for about 3 weeks and I am surprised at the extra energy it has developed; I’m 73. Nutripoints has become a daily reference work in our home." J.L.J., Allen Park, Michigan

"I have been on your program for 6 weeks and feel great. Before I started I didn’t have much energy and felt twice my age. Thanks for saving my life!" M.H., Renton, Washington

"I have enjoyed your program and keep the book with me at all times. I have lost 50 pounds and finally feel that I am getting a balanced diet. I teach 6th grade and use your information in class." R.R., Inman, South Carolina

"The Nutripoints Program seems to be exactly what I need to have a healthy lifestyle. I hate the thought of counting calories, mainly because I never felt I was getting the proper combinations of foods. Nutripoints makes counting so easy, maybe some day products will be labeled with Nutripoints!" B.M, Indianapolis, Indiana

Let Nutripoints be your personal nutrition guide--and get started today!

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Our goal is to help you reach your personal health potential through improved lifestyle choices. Our desire is to assist those who want to make better choices now to prevent health problems in the future, as illustrated by the quote:

"If your lifestyle does not control your body—eventually your body will control your lifestyle...the choice is yours!" Ern Baxter, Author, I Almost Died.

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